Why You Should Properly Groom Your Pitbull

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Pitbulls require constant maintenance in order to live a healthy lifestyle.

Proper grooming and routine veterinarian visits are vital for a healthy dog lifestyle. Now, when it comes to blue nose pitbulls, you need to be sure that you are ready to take care of their everyday needs as well as if the unexpected illness strikes. Here are some tips that will help you take care of your pitbull so he can enjoy a healthy and comfortable life.


If your pitbull puppies are suffering from either fleas, worms, or heartworms, look into different products. If you can afford a product like Revolution, that would work out the best for your dog. Or, if you are looking for an alternative, look into Ivomec, which is a 1% cattle and swine injectible. This preventative dose is essentially 1/10th of 1cc per 10 lbs of your pitbull’s body weight. Just round up to be sure. The process is extremely simple. All you need to do is stick a 1cc syringes in the bottle, pull out the appropriate dosage and spray it on your pitbull’s food. Ivomec will keep ear mites, demodex, heartworms, and long worms at bay.

Groom Your Pitbull Regularly

If you think that your dog keeps his nails worn down, be sure to check them on a regular basis. This means clipping them to an appropriate length and also checking for broken nails, nail bed infection, and sores in between his pads.

Infected ears can creep up on your dog without you even knowing it. This is both uncomfortable and can cause health scares. A rule of thumb is: clean ears don’t stink.

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